Pitching Code of Conduct

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Pitching Code of Conduct ChecklistPitching Code of Conduct Checklist
Following consultation with HCA members, the HCA produced a document that looks at best practice from both the pharma company and communications agency perspectives. It is important to acknowledge the following points:
  • We wanted to keep the document in a short, easy to reference format – many companies will of course have their own more detailed policies which will need to be considered alongside this.
  • We realise that not all members will agree with all the specific points – it's intended as a collective HCA viewpoint on the key principles of best practice to which we believe there will be a broad level of buy-in.
  • It is assumed that all these points are considered within a context of both parties trusting each other to act with openness and integrity at all timesWe hope that HCA member companies will adopt this Code of Conduct and encourage their clients/suppliers to do so. As a minimum it would be great if all members were to use this as a framework for discussion around the principles of what is fair and reasonable when they are working together during a pitch process.Please share this document with your colleagues – particularly those in procurement or finance who may not be on the HCA mailing list - and encourage them to adopt these principles.