Objectives 2015

  • To provide HCA members with digital advice, support and training, enabling them to feel more confident in the digital space
  • To share best practice and examples of code compliant excellence in digital communications
  • To support and encourage the future role of communications agencies in the strategic development and tactical implementation of digital activities

Multi-channel life Used with permission from Heather Rast

Working Group Chair

Paul Dixey, BlueLight Partners


We live in a multi-channel world with the customer able to access information - how, when and from whom they want. Most healthcare communications consultancies are offering web-based communications and digital media. But this is an area that is constantly changing with new technologies, networks and regulations. Communications professionals therefore need to keep up-to-date in order to imaginatively and compliantly offer digital services to their clients, external and internal customers.  The HCA will be running a digital training day in May, with vital input from the PMCPA - see details below.

Events Planned for 2015

  • HCA / PMCPA joint Digital Training Workshop, Wednesday 20th May