• To provide HCA members with digital advice, support and training, enabling them to feel more confident in the digital space
  • To share best practice and examples of code compliant excellence in digital communications
  • To support and encourage the future role of communications agencies in the strategic development and tactical implementation of digital activities

Multi-channel life Used with permission from Heather Rast

Working Group Chair

Paul Dixey, BlueLight Partners


We live in a multi-channel world with the customer able to access information - how, when and from whom they want. As the 10 year HCA benchmarking report shows, 93% of consultancies are offering web-based communications/digital media. But this is an area that is constantly changing with new technologies, networks and regulations. Communications professionals therefore need to keep up to date in order to imaginatively and compliantly offer digital services to their clients, external and internal customers.The Digital section of the HCA will focus on 4 key areas;
  • Provision of digital training
  • Development of the HCA website to include digital information and resources
  • Increased use of other digital channels to communicate with the HCA membership
  • Greater active online presence to contribute to the HCA mission