Brexit workshop update

If you were wondering what our industry is doing to prepare for Brexit then you need look no further than the excellent work the ABPI and other organisations are doing with government.

On 30th November, HCA members were invited to gain valuable insights into the activities and behind the scenes efforts of industry leaders and ABPI teams, working to ensure that the life sciences industry is uppermost in the government's mind over the coming months and years as we venture into the unknown.

"It is hard to think of an industry of greater strategic importance to Britain than its pharmaceutical industry."

- Theresa May, July 2016

Presentations by Audrey Yvernault (Director of External and Government Affairs) and Dr Rebecca Lumsden (Head of Science Policy) provided details of meetings and task forces that are already setting out clear plans and suggestions for how the future may look. Full details of the ABPI reports for those members unable to attend last month may be found here.

A follow up workshop will be held next summer, in the meantime we will keep members up to date with industry activities here.