The main activity conducted by this workstream is the annual HCA Agency Benchmarking Survey.


  • To help foster optimum working practices in healthcare communications, both between and within agency, associate and in-house HCA members
  • To provide a real value-added membership service via HCA benchmarking activities
  • To leverage the results of the benchmarking surveys to raise awareness of the role of the HCA in promoting the highest standards in healthcare communications

Workstream Chair

Aline Rogers, Independent Market Researcher.


The main activity conducted by this workstream is the annual HCA Agency Benchmarking Survey. The survey provides agencies with benchmark data for key parameters in the areas of finance, human resources and business development, as well as assessing general trends and practices in healthcare communications.

The Survey is distributed in April each year, with completion in May, and detailed reports provided to participants in July. We also provide a summary of the latest trends in the autumn each year, and this is available to all HCA members.Other activities of the group vary depending on the latest trends identified in the survey, including occasional round table discussions, surveys of pharma and associate members and production of relevant guidance documents.

2015-16 Benchmarking

To find out what is in the 2015-16 HCA Agency Benchmarking Survey, have a look at our What's in the Report? summary guide - which provides an overview of the data that will be exclusively available to participating agencies.

We have also conducted an inaugural survey of independent consultants/freelancers, including HCA Associate Members and are planning a pharma survey. See the latest news on this year’s benchmarking programme.

Benchmarking Reports

Precious Commodity?

Summary of findings from the HCA 2013-14 Benchmarking Programme Precious Commodity?

New Trends, Old Issues

Summary of findings from the HCA 2012-13 Benchmarking Programme

Widening the Focus: The Continuing Evolution of Healthcare Communications

10 years of the HCA Benchmarking Programme (2012)

NOTE: If you have any questions relating to the HCA Benchmarking Survey then please contact Aline Rogers Workstream Lead for HCA Benchmarking.